Training: The Emerge Program

Emerge Vermont is dedicated to getting more Democratic women into elected office by offering comprehensive, high-quality training to diverse women from communities across the state. We offer two training programs designed to inspire women to enter public life at all levels of goverment and in towns and counties throughout Vermont.

Emerge Vermont Local is an intensive, weekend-long program designed to inspire and train women to step up for local offices, including selectboard, school board, elected law enforcement & judiciary positions, and other local boards and commissions. Emerge Vermont Signature is a six-month, cohort-based program designed to train women to run for office at all levels of government, including competitive local offices, state legislature, and statewide offices.

The barriers to entry into the political scene can seem imposing, especially in a state that has never elected its fair share of women, but government and even elected office in Vermont is refreshingly accessible. Emerge Vermont aims to help lower barriers and level the playing field by de-mystifying the process of getting engaged, and connecting women to the knowledge and resources needed to build confidence, networks, and win elected office.


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