She Persists: Celebration of Women in Politics

Thank you to those who joined us at the Emerge Vermont Annual Event, She Persists: A Celebration of Women in Politics.
It was an incredible evening, filled with inspiring stories from Democratic women leaders in Vermont - past, present, and future!
We are grateful to everyone on our program and in our audience.
Please enjoy these photos by event photographer Michael Tallman. More are available on our Facebook page.

Keynote Speaker

Representative Mitzi Johnson, Speaker of the Vermont House
Governor Madeleine M. Kunin Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Senator Sallie Soule & her daughter, Sarah Soule


Muslim Girls Making Change


Men for Emerge - Michael DeSanto, Phoenix Books

Governor Madeleine Kunin
Event Organizers
Ruth Hardy, Joan Lenes, Sue Minter, and Kesha Ram
Featured Emerge Alumnae
Selectwoman Becca White & Representative Kiah Morris
Emerge Alumnae and Elected Officials
Leaders of our Future


Many special thanks to our sponsors!

Glass Shatterer - $2,500
Trailblazer - $1,000
Pete and Michele Asch
Senator Debbie Ingram
Barbara Lee
Judith and George Russell
Lisa Steele
Bench Builder - $500
Dottie Deans and Lydia Spitzer
Governor Madeleine Kunin and John Hennessey, Jr.
Joan Lenes
Sue Minter
Treasurer Beth Pearce
Tia Rosengarten
Advocator - $250
Alison Bechdel
Representative Maureen Dakin
Anne and Larry Forcier
Councilor Ashley Hill
Anne Lezak
Dawn and Darren Moskowitz
Representative Carol Ode
Susan Z. Ritz
Lisa Schamberg and Patrick Robins
Sally Soule
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