Meet Martine Gulick!

Meet Martine GulickMartine is running to represent Ward 4 on the Burlington School Board. Martine is the Director of Library Media Services at Essex High School and Center for Technology, and the mother of children who graduated from the Burlington Public Schools.

What office are you running for and why?

I am running for school board in Burlington's Ward 4 because I want to use my years of experience in education to help improve the climate in our City's schools. I intend to work with other board members to build positive relationships between the school board and the teachers, and work with the legislature to tackle the issue of school funding.

What's your favorite thing about the community you hope to serve?

Burlington is a very politically active city. Citizens engage with local government and care about decisions that are made by their elected officials. Burlington has a thriving democracy - most people love to talk about the issues and truly care about each other's well-being!

What role has Emerge played in your candidacy?

Emerge has given me the confidence to pursue my goals of public service and advocacy. It has given me insights into the political process and shared creative strategies. Emerge has welcomed me into a network of strong, engaged, and intelligent women who are committed to making change in their communities.

What advice would you give another woman thinking about running for office?

There is a need for women to engage in the leadership of their communities, and my Emerge training has brought that to light in many ways. To any woman thinking of running for office, I say, "Do it!"

Editor's note: This is the third in our series highlighting alumnae running for local office in 2018.

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