Meet Jana Brown!

Meet Jana Brown! Jana is running for the Richmond Library Board. She's a member of our Class of 2018. Jana is the Program Manager of the Children's Literacy Foundation, and the mother of a young son.
What office are you running for and why?
I am running for Richmond Free Library Trustee because I am passionate about supporting community literacy in both my professional work with the Children's Literacy Foundation (a Vermont based nonprofit) and in my personal capacity as a member of the Richmond community. I'm interested in connecting community members of all ages to the library and promoting library programming.
What's your favorite thing about the community you hope to serve? 
I love the spirit of community engagement in Richmond. So many members of our community recognize the importance of community service and strongly support our community programs and institutions like the library. We have contested races for many local offices this upcoming Town Meeting Day and it's great to see so much enthusiasm for serving our community.
What role has Emerge played in your candidacy? 
Emerge provides an incredible amount of information about running a successful campaign and the trainers are experts in their respective fields. But most significantly, it is so inspiring to hear the stories and experiences of other Emerge graduates. The Emerge network of support is amazing.

What advice would you give other women thinking of running for office? 

Participate in an Emerge program and run now! We need more women at all levels of government to be strong voices at the table.

Editor's note: This is the last in our series highlighting alumnae running for local office in 2018.

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