Meet Cindy Jerome!

Meet Cindy Jerome! Cindy is a member of our Class of 2018. She's running to be the Town and School District moderator in Dummerston, a position she's held for the past seven years.

Cindy has also served on the Dummerston Selectboard, and works as the Executive Director of Holton Home, a residential care home for elders in Brattleboro. With all of this community service in her background, we think we'll see Cindy on another ballot again soon. 

What office are you running for and why?

I’m running for my 8th one-year term as Dummerston Town and School District Moderator because I love facilitating democracy by making Town Meeting more friendly and inclusive.  

What's your favorite thing about the community you hope to serve?

I love Dummerston because it’s small and it takes such good care of its citizens. Plus it’s beautiful. And it’s my home.  

What role has Emerge played in your candidacy?

I’ve dreamed of running for years. Emerge has given me the road map to do it, the confidence that I can win, and the conviction that Vermont and our nation need exactly what Democratic women have to offer.

What advice would you give another woman thinking about running for office?

I want to inspire other women to run. Our community and nation need women to step up and lead us out of this dark age. We know what’s important and how to work together to make it happen. Women make great legislators. We bring important priorities to the table and we “play well with others,” which results in good governance. Do it! Run!  

Editor's note: This is the second in our series highlighting alumnae running for local office in 2018.

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