Introducing our New Class!

Introducing the members of our new class - bold women from across Vermont who will spend the next five months hard at work, training to run for public office. Our Class of 2018 will be our largest yet, 29 women from 9 counties and 19 towns. The women in our new class are educators, business owners, activists, lawyers, moms, students, non-profit leaders, and artists. They are dedicated to their communities and believe that making their voices heard and having the courage to run for office will help ensure a better life for women, and our families, communities, state, and country. Check out the Vermont word-cloud of some of the most frequent words mentioned in their application essays.

The passion & experience to change the face of VT politics.

Alise Certa - Essex Junction
Ann Braden - Brattleboro
Cate Cross - Shelburne
Cindy Jerome - Dummerston
DeShan Foret - Hinesburg
Betsy Allen-Pennebaker - BTV
Ebony Nyoni - Winooski
Emilie Kornheiser - Brattleboro
Gina Ottoboni - Chittenden
Greta D'Agostino - Williston
Jana Brown - Richmond
Jenn Wood - Grand Isle
Jill Pardini - Williston
Joanna Scott - Milton
Kathleen James - Manchester Ctr
Kristina Guerrero - Shelburne
Laura Williams - S. Burlington
Lauren Sampson - Winooski
Leah Romano - Norwich
Martine Gulick - Burlington
Melody DeFlorio - Randolph
Miriam Stoll - Burlington
Morgan Nichols - Stowe
Pallas Ziporyn - Winooski
Sara Coffey - Guilford
Sarah George - Hinesburg
Sarah Levine - East Dummerston
Thea Wurzburg - St. Johnsbury
Valerie Carzello - S. Burlington


Thank you to our Selection Committee for helping put together an outstanding class!
Selene Hofer-Shall, Michelle Fay, Tim Jerman, Becca White, Stephanie Thompson, Anne Lezak, Kiah Morris, Ashley Hill, Denise Smith, Sue Minter, Emily Nosse-Leirer, Liz McLoughlin, Jessica Brumsted, Debbie Ingram, Karen Paul, Ana Cimino Burke, Kate Lapp,Tierney O'Meara, and Anna Caliandro

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