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Emerge Vermont was founded with a vision of electing women, a vision that is more relevant now than it was when we began.

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Emerge Vermont is committed to changing the headlines by changing who is in office.  We need to continue to fill the pipeline with women trained to run and lead on the issues that matter to us as Democrats.  With your support, we can train more Democratic women to run and win elections at all levels of government, across the country.  Will you help us "Build the Bench" with a contribution today?

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Or join Madeleine's List with an annual cumulative gift of $2,000 or more. Our Madeleine's List donors are a leadership group of donors deeply committed to changing the face and voice of Vermont politics. 

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Emerge Vermont encourages active, engaged citizens who participate in our democracy as voters, candidates, and elected officials. We as citizens are responsible for creating a government and democracy that actively involves all members of our diverse population. We can only do that if we vote, participate, and run for office. You can register to vote online and learn more about the requirements for running for office at the Vermont Secretary of State's Office. Take part in our democracy -- vote, run, and make your voice heard!

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Emerge Vermont works with a group of advisors across the state made up of individuals and organizations. Our Advisory Council  supports Emerge Vermont by serving as mentors, trainers at our weekend programs and sponsors of the Emerge Vermont programs and events throughout the year.  Contact Ruth Hardy at Ruth@EmergeVT.org if you're interested in joining the Emerge Vermont Advisory Council.

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Learn about the Emerge program, how to apply, and how to get connected to our incredible state and national network.

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