Not all is lost, but clearly there is much work to do. Let's celebrate the victories we can, thank the women who ran, and commit to the hard work of building a bench of even more qualified women who will run for office and win.

Nine alumnae are on the ballot November 8th. Read about what office they're running for and how the Emerge training impacted their decision to jump in the race. And, they'll tell you why you should run for office!

Congratulations to the 17 most recent graduates of our 5-month training program. These women join a growing network across Vermont who seek to strengthen our democracy by ensuring that qualified women are ready to run for office and change the face and voice of politics at every level of government.

To tell our story through our first two years, we are delighted to share our first annual report. We're planning our next annual report release for early 2017.

Emerge Vermont is changing the face of Vermont politics by identifying, training and encouraging women to run for office, get elected and to seek higher office. Our intensive, cohort-based six-month training program is unique. As the number of elected Democratic women remains flat or even declines, the need for our work is growing.

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